How to read the results of transit of planets? Finding the exact day of occurrence of an event using transit of planets.

This is often an extremely confusing topic to deal with. Jupiter will move into the sign of Sagittarius on the same day for everyone and so will Saturn in the sign of Capricorn in January of 2020. The way transit results are described in the astrology text books, it suggests that everyone who has their moon in the sign of Aries will have a wonderful and fruitful time due to these transits. However as all of us who believe in Astrology have experienced it is never really the case.  The reality is that what results transits will give depends not only on our moon sign but it is dependent on the whole chart and in fact it is so closely related to our birth chart that exact time of birth and hence the exact ascendant degree and house cusps are important to understand the results of transits.

So, if you are an Aries ascendant and you expect Jupiter ‘s movement into Sagittarius to only bring good events then I am going to play spoilsport, at the same time for those individuals who have been told that for them this transit will be bad can get a lot of hope once they finish this article. Mind you I am an Aries moon and the last one year when Jupiter was mostly in Scorpio have been the best of my life in terms of how I have felt about the transformations Jupiter in Scorpio brought in to my life.

So, before I present the example to help you understand the method of interpreting transits, let me give few pointers which will be very useful for you to understand what I am going to describe :-

  • Transits from moon can only help you understand what and how you feel about an event. So, Saturn’s transit over moon in the 4th house for a Libra ascendant might put a lot of pressure on the mind of an individual even though the native may have moved into a new house. So, even though the event might be very good the individual is not at ease.
  • One single planet in most of the cases cannot bring about good or bad results. So, no matter what astrologers have told you before if you were being beaten left right and centre during Sade Sati , please check where Rahu , Ketu or Mars where from your moon or what Dasha were you running because Saturn alone cannot give such bad results. True, it can make you feel miserable and alone but most certainly it does not have the capacity to totally turn your life upside down. Same is true for good events; Jupiter alone cannot give good results unless it is supported by other good planets especially Mercury or Venus or the house lords of houses where you are expecting good results.
  • Transit of a house lord over a house often brings good results for that house provided other planets are also supporting in transit or through Dasha.
  • For planetary transit, the aspects that work are the Rashi or sign based aspect. Planetary aspect also work but only as long as they are exact to the degrees.
  • Rashi aspects are – Planets in fixed signs aspect all other planets in movable signs expect the one adjacent to them. So, planets in the sign of Taurus will aspect all planets in Cancer, Libra and Capricorn except the ones in Aries. Similarly planets in movable signs aspect all other planets placed in fixed signs except the ones placed in signs adjacent to them. Finally planets in dual signs aspect all other planets placed in dual signs. However there is a Catch, since transits give results accurate to the day when the event actually occurred, the aspects also need to be exact. So a planet in First Navamsa of Aries ( First 3 degrees and 20 minutes of Aries) can only aspect planets in the 9th (which is the last Navamsa, 26 degrees 40 minutes to 30 degrees)  Navasma of Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius. Planets in 2nd Navamsa will aspect the planets in 8th Navamsa, Planets in 3rd Navamsa will aspect the planets in 7th Navamsa and so on. This might be a little difficult to understand but it works amazingly well in practice. Probably the example will make it clear.
  • For planetary aspect, it is important to take the exact aspects. For instance Mercury when it is at 23 degrees of Aries can aspect a planet to cause an event in the sign of Libra only when the planet in Libra is also at 23 degrees. Of course you are free to take a margin of one degree on either side.

As I always try to do I would like to thank my Guide and Mentors Mohan Srinivasan, Deepanshu giri and Ernst Wilhelm. This technique in particular has been taught to me by Mohan Srinivasan.

I think with all this information, we are ready to go through an example:  –

Birth chart of Indira Gandhi: –

Birth details of Indira Gandhi.

We will look at the event of her marriage – She was married on 26th March 1942. Since, we are looking at her marriage, we will look at her Sun, Atmakaraka or her Ascendant lord and see how these were connected to the factors which are important for marriage like the 7th house or 7th lord or the natural significator of marriage which is Venus. We will also try to understand if any benefic planet played its part in her marriage.

Planet of marriage and Relationships – Venus is directly over the 7th Cusp on the day of marriage. Her ascendant degree is 27 degrees Cancer. So 7th cusp also falls on the same degrees in the sign of Capricorn where Venus was transiting on the Day of marriage. I am not giving all the transits over here but you can verify for yourself if you have doubts over me or the method.

Saturn which is her Atmakaraka was transiting in the sign of Taurus on the day of her marriage at close to 1 degrees 58 minutes. Since it is in the 1st Navamsa of a fixed sign it will aspect Venus (In the sky that is in transit) which is in the 9th Navamsa of a Movable sign.

Jupiter which is the best benefic of them all was transiting in the sign of Taurus at around 22 degrees. Even though it was not forming any exact connection with planets or houses important for marriage but it was aspecting the 7th house, hence it was promising 7th house results which became a reality due to the support or Venus and Saturn.

Normally what we try to believe is that a planet like Saturn cannot give good results. However in this case being the lord of 7th it was aspecting the 7th cusp and thus ensuring good results for the house it owns.

One other important thing to notice is the transit of moon which is the ascendant lord in this case. Moon was transiting in the Sign of cancer on that day and sometime during the day it would have aspected the 7th Cusp through planetary aspect being exactly opposite in degrees.

Please let me mention that there are other factors in play as well, especially the role that these transiting planets played on her Navamsa chart. However, the beauty of transiting planets is that they can bring events with utmost accuracy and such events can be analysed even from the Lagna chart.

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