Astrological combinations to become an actor!!

Acting is certainly one of the most sought after career for millions of people around the globe yet only some of the lucky ones manage to make it to the big stage and become famous for their skills.

But when we look at some of the most famous actors around the world, it is not always true that one who is the most famous is also the best actor. So, along with acting skills one also needs to check whether there are combinations present in the chart which will ensure that the individual will be able famous.

Before I proceed further I would like to thank Ernst Wilhelm that it is through his courses that I could learn about deciphering combinations for various professions and I would also like to thank Mohan Srinivasan and Deepanshu Giri who have always guided me whenever I have had any doubts in Astrology. The examples I will present in this article are my own research however the concepts are learnt from these amazing individuals.

So, what is the first planet that comes to your mind when you think about acting? If you say Venus you are correct to some extent because Venus does represent the whole area of entertainment, however Venus is not responsible for making one an actor, it can surely give you the looks and the charm needed to become a successful actor but it is Mercury the keen observer and the planet of learning and adapting and reproducing what it has learnt which gives great acting skills. A good mercury makes an individual inquisitive in nature and it also gives the ability to observe things and understand how something is being done. The ability to look at finer details comes from Venus and that is the reason we all believe it is an important planet for working in the entertainment industry. So, always keep in mind these two planets when checking one’s horoscope for career in acting. But never ever forget Rahu, especially if it is placed in the sign of Leo or Gemini or conjunct with Venus and or Mercury. When it is associated with mercury it can give ability to innovate and give great presence of mind. It can also give sudden fame during its time period.

Next , let us try and understand what are the houses which could be important for acting and entertainment. Now before you jump to 2nd house for speech and 3rd house for entertainment; you must understand that 1st house is extremely important because while acting the body is directly involved and 1st house is your body.

Then obviously 2nd house connection is important because one needs to deliver dialogue.

3rd house is the house of entertainment hence it is also very important.

Finally since one needs to present their skills in front of the whole world,hence 7th house connection is also important. Without the association of 7th house one may not able to get fame as an actor. For the same reason 5th house is also very important.

Now we will look at some examples; before we begin doing that, remember that important considerations in chart with regards to career which Ernst usually refers to as career planets are the Lagna and Lagna lord, Atmakaraka, Arudha lagna and Arudha lagna lord.

Examples :-

Leonardo Di caprio

Venus is the Atmakaraka, hence it is important for Career.  Venus is conjunct with Mercury.

Venus is also the 2nd lord and it is with the 3rd lord mars and the Lagna lord Me. It is also rasi Aspected by the 7th Lord Jupiter. Hence Venus is influenced by all the important houses.

Mercury is the Lagna Lord, it is with the 2nd lord Venus and 3rd lord Mars and it is also rasi Aspected by the 7th Lord Jupiter. Hence mercury is also influenced by all the important houses.

One other important thing to notice here is that the Arudha Lagna lord Mars is also involved in a similar way. Hence acting is doubly confirmed. Rahu in the 3rd house will give the results of its dispositor mars and hence it is also involved in his career as Mars is with Venus and Mercury.

Robert De Niro

Venus is the Atmakarka and Mercury is conjunct with Venus. Hence both these planets are important for career.

Venus is in the 3rd house with the 3rd Lord Sun and the Lagna Lord Mercury. Moon which is the 2nd Lord as well as the dispositor of the 7th Lord is aspecting Venus and Mercury. Hence all the important planets and houses are involved.

Amitabh Bachchan

Atmakaraka is Sun and Venus are Mercury are conjunct with Sun in the 8th house. Their association with the atmakaraka makes them important for career.

Both Venus and Mercury are conjunct with the third Lord Mars, they are also conjunct the 7th Lord Sun. Venus is also the dispositor of the ascendant lord Saturn. Venus and Mercury are aspecting the 2nd house with rasi aspect as well as planetary aspect , hence all the important houses are connected with Venus and Mercury.

Now, one may find that these combination are available in charts of people who did not get similar amount of fame or skills as the examples presented above. For that we need to check two more things , one is the quality of these planets in the Navamsa and the combinations need to be verified even in the Dasamsa. And last but not the least, how good a chart really is will always be determined by the fruitful yogas or combinations promising good results; that needs to be check to understand the overall health of the chart. I promise to write articles on those combinations in the near future.

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