Astrology and Planetary combinations to become a writer?

Before giving the combinations for becoming a good writer along with examples, I would like to point out it is one thing to become a good writer and it is totally different to become famous as a writer. We will look at the combinations of becoming famous in some other blog.

However in today’s article we will look at examples of individuals who are not only good writers but also become famous and pursued writing as a career.

In this blog I will be using the combinations given by Jaimini and I would like to mention that identifying the career path of an individual is extremely difficult; however jaimini being as brilliant as he was gave the combinations for some of the well known career paths and for those who are interested in astrology and follow it as passion I would request them to learn about Jaimini astrology so that you can understand combinations of planets and their results which works in majority of the cases.

Jaimini has given the following combinations for becoming a writer :-

Moon and Jupiter in the swamsa or fifth from the swamsa makes one an excellent writer.

Venus instead of Jupiter in the above combination also makes one a good writer but of slightly lesser quality.

Mercury instead of Venus or Jupiter also gives one the ability to become a good writer.

We, will deal with Swamsa and how to use the above rules later, for now let us first try to understand briefly why would he give such combinations for becoming a writer by looking at the significations of these planets.

Moon is the common link in all these cases. Now, Moon as the popular saying in astrological world represents our mind; however it also represents that through which we try to nourish ourselves and that is why it is exalted in the sign of Taurus which is basically the sign of our resources.

So, if he is with Jupiter the planet of wisdom and true knowledge and goodness; then he feels nourished by these qualities and shares that with the world around it in the form of writing. After all, we can only share what is in our mind, and in this case our mind is influenced by the qualities of Jupiter. Similarly , when he is with Venus who is also known to be a guru and that too the Guru/teacher or the demons makes a good writer because of all the knowledge that Venus possesses. Jupiter can only look at the right way of doing things Venus on the other hand even had to work in situations which required the rules to be twisted. In fact Venus( Sukracharya) was so good as a teacher or guide that Venus Moon combination makes one of the best teachers if this combination is connected with houses and planets important for career. Finally, mercury is the planet which helps us learn the way of doing things in the practical world and again when mercury is with moon, this is what the mind is occupied and feels nourished with, hence such individuals who have this combination of moon and mercury can share knowledge which is very useful to survive.

Now let us apply the rules, and before that an important note:- Jaimini gave the rules for swamsa. Some authors take the swamsa to be the Navamsa lagna while some authors say swamsa is the Navamsa sign of the Atmakaraka. So,in order to get rid of this confusion we will apply the combination in the charts and see what conclusion we can draw. Remember the houses involved in the combination of Moon with these planets and the Atmakaraka, Lagna , Lagna Lord, Arudha Lagna will indicate the kind of things that one will write about. So, say if these planets are linked with your 8th house or the sign of scorpio one will write about astrology or occult like I am doing.

  1. K N rao – Arguably one of the best astrologers that India has seen in recent times, but he also authored many books.

Moon + Venus in the lagna – Hence, he has been such a wonderful teacher. Moon is the Arudha Lagna lord , hence it is important for the career. The combination of Moon and Venus made him write so many books. Moon is the dispositor of the 3rd Lord Jupiter- hence 3rd house(Writing skills) connection is present. Venus is the 8th Lord which is probably the reason why he has written on occult subjects and did his own research while writing. Points to be noted – Moon and Venus combination even in the Birth chart or Lagna chart can make one a writer, there need not be a connection with swamsa as we will see in later examples also.

2. J K Rowling – Even though I have not watched Harry porter, there is hardly anyone in my generation who does not know who she is.

Mercury is the Arudha Lagna lord – Hence it is important for career. Mercury is conjunct with Moon and Venus; hence the combination of becoming a writer is present in her chart.

Mercury is the 9th lord of tales and fiction which is what she has been writing. Moon is also the dispositor of 3rd lord of writing hence third house connection is present.

This combination is happening in the 11th house and in the sign of Leo, hence fame was eminent.

So, now if you have understood the application of Jaimini Sutras, it basically means that the planets given by Jaimini should be involved with planets important for your career.

I will write a blog on acting and astrological combinations required to become an actor soon.

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