Upapada Lagna and Spouse

Upapada Lagna is the Arudha Pada of the 12th House. Let us briefly understand how to calculate it before we get into the analysis of the Upapada lagna.

Step 1:- Find out which planet is ruling your 12th house. Let us say it is Sun

Step 2:- Find out how many places Sun has moved away from the 12th house.If Sun is in the second house, then it has moved 3 places from the 12th house.

Step 3:- Now count three places from the 2nd house and you will arrive at the fourth house and hence Sagittarius becomes your Upapada lagna.

There are few exceptions to this rule, in case the upapada lagna falls in the 12th house or in the 6th house then count 10 from it to arrive at the true upapada lagna.

Importance of Upapada lagna in marriage!

Upapada lagna can give you snapshot prediction about your marriage. Planets influencing the upapada lagna become prominent planet in your spouse’s chart. As in the case above we arrived at the conclusion that Sagittarius is the Upapada lagna, then Jupiter will play an important role in your spouse’s chart.

Either the ascendant of your spouse will be ruled by Jupiter.

Jupiter can be aspecting the lagna or it can be in the Navamsa lagna or Jupiter can rule the moon sign of your spouse.

Not just that, Planets aspecting the Upapada lagna in your chart will also have the same effect as mentioned above. For instance if Sun is aspecting the upapada lagna then your spouse’s ascendant sign or moon sign or navamsa lagna can be influenced by Sun.

Let me give few exmaples:-

Penlope cruz and Javier Bardeem

Penelope has her Upapada lagna in Capricorn Aspected by mars and ketu. Jupiter is aspecting the Upapada lagna lord.

Javier bardeem has ketu in the lagna aspected by Saturn, Jupiter is also in the lagna. In the Navamsa chart he has Saturn and ketu in the lagna Aspected by mars.

Javier’s Upapada lagna is in Taurus Aspected by Mars ,Jupiter, ketu and saturn.

Penelope is an aries(Mars) ascendant and Jupiter is aspecting the lagna lord mars and Saturn is conjunct with mars. More importantly her Navamsa lagna is Taurus.

Prince Charles and Princess Diana.

Prince Charles has Upapada lagna in aquarius and it is Aspected by Saturn and ketu and mars.

Diana is a Scorpio ascendant ruled by mars; ketu is also aspecting her lagna lord mars. Her moon sign is in Aquarius. Her Navamsa lagna is Aquarius with Saturn in the lagna.

Diana has her Upapada lagna in Sagittarius aspected by sun mercury and rahu.

we can see that in the chart of prince Williams his lagna lord moon is with rahu and it is aspected by sun mercury and Jupiter as well.

I have researched this on the chart of many couples and this never fails. In case you do not find any connection check the pada of the 7th house.

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