Rahu and Mercury Conjuction

To learn any conjunction we need to understand the qualities of the planets involved.

Mercury is the planet which looks around and identifies all the possible options at your disposal. It is very inquisitive, if you have followed astrology for some time, I am sure you must have come across this statement “Mercury is like the young prince”, so that means it is like a child and what do children’s do, they pick up things and try to smell it, eat it etc.; basically they like to experiment with things and that is how they learn. As long as you do not tell them that they need to be afraid of something, they do not develop any fear. If you tell them not to do something, they feel like they have to do it at any cost. It is all because of that inquisitive nature. If they do not like something they will most likely never experiment with it again. One more quality of kids is that they are very good actors. Have you ever looked at a child throwing tantrums for things that they want, it does indeed look very cute but if you have been conscious and not mesmerized by their cuteness you must appreciate how good their acting skills are. A child even at the age where they cannot speak one word they are very good at making you understand that they are hungry, hence they are very good communicators. Communication is not about how fluently you speak or write, it is about getting the idea across to your target audience.

Now, what exactly does Rahu signify in our lives? Many astrologers are of the opinion that Sun and or the Atmakaraka carries the purpose of the native from one life to the other and it is obviously true. However Rahu also plays a very important role in the evolution of a soul over different lives. Wherever Rahu is your chart and whatever sign it is placed in, it will always put you in a situation where you find yourself living with the anxiety of  the unknown and this fear of anxiety will be related to the house and sign where Rahu is placed. So, for instance, if Rahu is in your 7th house, no matter what you do, relationship will be a challenge for you. It doesn’t mean you will not get a good partner but managing relationship will always make you feel “What do I do next”, “The fear of what may happen in the relationship will be a big challenge for you to deal with”. Some people are naturally good at dealing with the nitty gritty of a relationship; however you will start with a clean slate. Hence, such native may end up having many failed relationships and they will be afraid of getting into a committed relationship. A word of caution though; since I do not want to spread unnecessary fear , this deduction on Rahu in the 7th is only based on one planetary position; position of other planets related to the 7th house or Venus can dramatically change the scene provided they are themselves in good condition.

Rahu will leave the imprints of its characteristics on any planet it is with; so if it is with Venus then it means that the person will have to experiment in relationships until they find someone for a long term. Relationships will indeed bring them disappointments and it will bring many partners in their lives and hence they will become afraid of relationships.

And in most of the cases conjunction of Rahu with a planet is not good (There are exceptions in every case and we will deal with them later, for instance if Rahu is with Venus and Venus is in good condition in terms of its sign placement or if it is with its friend mercury situation is never extreme.)

But mercury is one planet which when conjunct with Rahu gives very good results in majority of the cases. This is because mercury by nature likes to experiment and learn and evolve and Rahu puts it in the jungle in the middle of fear multiple times and it helps to quench the inquisitiveness of mercury; as mercury gets the opportunity to experience things it has never come across before. If it faces disappointments, Mercury is able to learn what works and what does not. So, it evolves in the sense that it knows what available options are leading to fruitful results. It is also said that Rahu enhances the qualities of planet it is with; so in case of mercury it makes a person very good communicator, these people have a very good knack of knowing what to say when to say and whom to say. They are simply incredible communicators. They are very good at coming up with the right solution to any given problem. They are very quick thinkers and most importantly they are very good actors. Even if they are afraid of something they will never show it to others, you will find it very difficult to understand what is going on in their head. Most importantly even if they face setbacks they never loose heart as they know it is helping them evolve in the circus of life. Understand it this way if there are 100 ways of doing something and 99 of them is incorrect and only one is correct , a person with good mercury every time he fails will say to himself now I am only left with 98..97..96 and so on options to fail and they will not repeat that same mistake again.

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