How to find career using Astrology chart?

Career is something that is important for everyone and hence those who believe in astrology will at some point in their lives ask the astrologer about what career path they should choose or what is the right career for them!

Here I will try to explain analysis of a person’s career based on the birth chart and later I will also write articles on specific combinations for some of the most sought after fields like acting etc.

Chart 1 :-

Always, Start with the 10th house and see if there is a planet in the 10th House. Since in this case there is no planet in the 10th house we will just check the ruler of the 10th house and move to the next step. 10th house ruler in this case is Mars.

Check where is mars sitting in the chart and what are the influences wherever Mars is sitting.

Mars is sitting in the third house of courage, efforts, communication. So, the profession may have something to do with these things. Since Mars also represents sports we can also keep that as a possibility. Finally Since mars is a malefic we must always keep technical profession in Mind. Next check what are the planets influencing the house.

In this case Ketu is sitting with mars, so it will have the maximum influence. Ketu represents mathematical abilities and also research. You can also try and understand how Jupiter and Rahu will influence the career, I am leaving that to the readers.

So, till now we have sports, communication related profession or a technical profession with some form of research involved.

Next check the sign in which Mars is placed and recollect what does it signify. You will find in the charts of sports person that the sign of virgo is significant so this person can actually be in sports. One other important signification of Virgo is Analytics which is technical and since the person in this field is working on data and drawing inferences it has research associated with it. So, we still have the dilemma Sports or analytics.

Here the fact that the person is a cancer ascendant can give you a clue that he/she may not be physically that strong to be in sports. Though please do not take this as a generic statement. Presence of mars in the ascendant can make someone very athletic even if the native is cancer ascendant.

Also, Mars itself is not so strong in this chart as it is on the rahu ketu axis and in the sign of its enemy Mercury. So we can think that sports as a career seems unlikely. But we will verify that in the next step.

Check where Mars is placed in the Navamsa- In the case of this native mars is in the sign of Virgo, hence analytics is still a possibility. On the other hand let us say mars had moved into the Navamsa of Aries then sports would have again come into the picture. Because that would have made mars stronger for sports related activities.

we can move onto the Dasamsa and further verify our conclusion but here the analysis done so far is sufficient to understand the career possibilities.

Note##- Please do not think that virgo only represents – sports and analytics it represents many other things; but since I cannot run you through to all the possibilities I gave the significations of virgo which are related to this chart.

Also, if you remember I also mentioned that the third house also represents communication, so this native actually has to make presentations based on the findings and present it to the client. He is a Data scientist and works extensively on data modeling. Here if we could have found the education first and then went on to career our job would have been much easier. In some other post I would do that as well. This person has a Masters degree in Statistics.

Chart 2 :-

10th House has a planet in this case, so we could straight away ask the native – Has your profession got something to do with Management.

Next observation – Jupiter is ruling the 8th house. So probably a lot of research is involved in his daily activities. ** Having 8th lord in the 10th is not always bad. If a person has 8th lord in the 10th that can indicate a career in research related fields. And yes, in other cases it can also indicate troubles during early years in the career or rise after someone else’s downfall etc….because the list is endless.

Moving on the sign placed in the 10th house is that of Saturn and that too aquarius hence we can infer that the person is involved in some technical job.

Saturn has gone into the 2nd house in the sign of Gemini(Communication) alongwith Mars (Technical planet-Engineering). So , my prediction for this person was are you into a technical job which involves some degree of research and management. I was unable to understand what how exactly second house is influencing his profession. I did not check navamsa etc. for profession in this case as I could sense the profession is technical. He said he is into manufacturing RAMs.

Let us do some reverse engineering – RAM is used to store information. What is second house – It is the house of resources, apart from other things like eyes, wealth, family, food etc. So, Can we say that RAM is used to store resources ( Second house) for future use. But can someone ever predict a career where someone is manufacturing RAMs – Let me be honest , I cannot do that.

It is always easy to backtrack and learn things but since there are so many professions available these days it is next to impossible to totally pin point the exact profession. Let us say in this case if the person had venus in the second house, then we could have said – Do you own restaurant or are you in the catering business or working as a cook?

So, basically this is how you predict profession of an individual. I will present more examples if needed. Knowingly I presented examples where the profession was difficult to predict; In most of the cases it is not so difficult.

Now, if you are learning astrology, What you should do to identify profession of an individual, Learn the significations of the following ;-




Yes, basics. If you can understand these three things you can very easily identify few professions which the individual might be involved in, and then based on the background and education of the person you can arrive at the exact profession or at least be able to tell the nature of work the individual might be doing

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